Redistricting Update

This week the Senate and Assembly passed redistricting plans for Congress and the State Legislature. The votes took place after the newly constituted Independent Districting Commission (comprised of 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans) could not agree on a single set of maps to present to State lawmakers. When an agreement cannot be reached by the IDC, the responsibility goes back to the New York State Legislature to produce their own maps for the Assembly and Senate as well as Congress.

Due to population loss, NYS’s Congressional delegation is being reduced from 27 seats to 26. Currently, Democrats control 19 of the 27 congressional seats. Media analysis has shown that newly drawn Congressional and State Senate maps will favor Democrats. State Assembly lines remain largely unchanged as Democrats already hold a clear supermajority.

Governor Hochul must approve both Congressional and State Legislature redistricting bills in the next 10 days. Governor Hochul has stated publicly that she will not weigh in on the new district maps before the bills reach her desk.