Our Accomplishments


  • Developed a comprehensive legislative strategy for a multinational company involving executive and legislative advocacy, grassroots lobbying, coalition building, and public relations. Successfully achieved enactment of a major piece of legislation that created an entirely new licensure category and section of law in New York.
  • Successfully eliminated a proposed new tax on direct broadcast satellite services.
  • Secured numerous client appointments to State panels, advisory task forces, commissions, committees, and boards, enabling clients to offer their expert advice and participate directly in the formulation of State policy.
  • Successfully represented a client’s interests to propose, introduce, and gain the enactment of legislation to modify a costly mandate.
  • Combined our policy expertise and our client’s business know-how to shape State agency guidances and regulations that directly affected the client’s core business.
  • Founded a new statewide association and led its growth into a major statewide presence.
  • Developed a broad based coalition that lobbied effectively for a new public health initiative.


  • Worked successfully to obtain licensure and certification for adult care facilities and assisted living communities seeking to develop and operate in New York State.


  • Secured considerable new funding for a successful tax credit program in collaboration with an industry coalition.
  • Researched and secured State grant funding to expand the client’s use of technology, thereby increasing workforce productivity and client efficiency.
  • Attained significant levels of scarce capital funding for a major cultural institution, which empowered it to undergo a transformational restoration and propelled its continued growth.
  • Gained prime sponsors and legislative support for ongoing member item funding to finance critical projects.
  • Assisted a consortium of institutions of higher education in the design and development of a new academic program, and lobbied to secure multiyear State funding.
  • Through a multiyear advocacy campaign in both the legislative and executive branches, secured new workforce and technology funding for a segment of the health care sector previously unfunded.