New York Capital Brief:

New York’s State Budget is Expected to be Late

New York’s State Budget is due April 1st, but State lawmakers acknowledged Thursday that it’s expected to be late… “It’s becoming clear that the budget will not be meeting the April 1st deadline,” Governor Hochul told New York Public Radio’s, Karen DeWitt. “But as I have said all along, it’s not about a race to the deadline, it’s about a race to getting the right results.”

Despite going into overtime with the negotiations, the Legislature and the Governor have indicated that they can reach a compromise on the key issues that divide them.


Budget Protests & Controversies

Activists have gathered and rallied at the Capitol in the past week for several issues, including:

  • In support of unemployment coverage for workers who are not eligible for traditional unemployment insurance.
  • In support of an increase in the minimum wage.
  • In support of an increase in income taxes for New York’s wealthy individuals.
  • Against former NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s funding of political ads in support of Governor Hochul’s budget proposals.