Since 1992, Hodes & Landy has employed a unique, hands-on approach to consulting and lobbying. We provide a level of personal service and quality representation that goes far beyond industry standards, believing that every client deserves a customized approach to government relations.

We pride ourselves on offering solutions that come from a thorough understanding of our clients’ positions and goals; achieving the kind of results you only get from a truly committed firm.

Our advocacy expertise gives you the advantage

Our Approach

We know each client’s situation is unique, it demands a carefully customized approach. As we create and implement that approach, we also commit ourselves to three universal principles that are the hallmark of exceptional lobbying.



Using our extensive knowledge base, we develop an incisive strategy, then work side by side with you throughout the process to ensure that your goals are realized and your expectations are met. Our principals devote their attention to the details of every step.



Our credibility in New York State government opens doors to decision makers on both sides of the aisle. Our longstanding, positive, professional relationships with key officials from the legislative and executive branches ensure your message will be heard.



Access is only an advantage when properly leveraged. We begin with our strategy, gauge the political climate, and use our insights and advocacy skills to achieve positive results.

Our Services

Strategy Development

Formulation of a thorough strategy and message to achieve success and enhance credibility with state agencies, legislators, and the executive branch.

Direct advocacy

Facilitation of direct contact with key decision makers to effectively influence State policy.


Development of viable legislative solutions – including drafting, proposing and shepherding legislation through the entire process from introduction to enactment.


Advocacy strategies to secure budget allocations while identifying and analyzing executive and legislative budget proposals affecting client interests.


Comprehensive regulatory advocacy – including drafting and providing public comments and advisement on regulatory and compliance issues.

Government Procurement

Prompt notice of government bids, contracts, grants and RFPs and guidance through the application and procurement process – including, contract modifications and extensions.

Licensure and Certification

Representation through licensure, certification and other state authorizations – from application development to final approval.

Grassroots/Coalition Building

Cultivation of grassroots campaigns through established relationships with coalitions and other on-the- ground stakeholder groups.

Monitoring and Research

Continuous monitoring, in-depth analysis and research and communication of state policy and political activities.

Meeting Representation

Representation at public hearings (budget, legislative, state agency) and committee, task force and industry association meetings and conferences.

Communications and Public Relations

Crisis management and creative strategies with messaging to clearly communicate complex client issues and positions.

Association Management

Management of industry associations – including business development, media relations, membership engagement and training.

Assisted Living and Home Care Specialty

Consultation on development and operation of assisted living communities and home care agencies, providing representation and expert advice on state regulations and required approvals.

Our Accomplishments

Legislative and Executive Branch
  • Developed a comprehensive legislative strategy for a multinational company involving executive and legislative advocacy, grass roots lobbying, coalition building, and public relations. Successfully achieved enactment of a major piece of legislation that created an entirely new licensure category and section of law in New York.
  • Successfully eliminated a proposed new tax on direct broadcast satellite services.
  • Secured numerous client appointments to State panels, advisory task forces, commissions, committees, and boards, enabling clients to offer their expert advice and participate directly in the formulation of State policy.
  • Successfully represented a client’s interests to propose, introduce, and gain the enactment of legislation to modify a costly mandate.
  • Combined our policy expertise and our client’s business know-how to shape State agency guidances and regulations that directly affected the client’s core business.
  • Founded a new statewide association and led its growth into a major statewide presence.
  • Developed a broad based coalition that lobbied effectively for a new public health initiative.
Licensure and Certification

Worked successfully to obtain licensure and certification for adult care facilities and assisted living communities seeking to develop and operate in New York State.

  • Secured considerable new funding for a successful tax credit program in collaboration with an industry coalition.
  • Researched and secured State grant funding to expand the client’s use of technology, thereby increasing workforce productivity and client efficiency.
  • Attained significant levels of scarce capital funding for a major cultural institution, which empowered it to undergo a transformational restoration and propelled its continued growth.
  • Gained prime sponsors and legislative support for ongoing member item funding to finance critical projects.
  • Assisted a consortium of institutions of higher education in the design and development of a new academic program, and lobbied to secure multiyear State funding.
  • Through a multiyear advocacy campaign in both the legislative and executive branches, secured new workforce and technology funding for a segment of the health care sector previously unfunded.